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New Zealand is facing its own flavour ban and we need to put a stop to this! Without flavoured eliquid the chance of giving up smoking is a lot harder due to the fact that flavours make the big difference in doing so. Without flavours people will turn to the black market, potentially at risk of illness or injury by unsafe practices.


We are a family owned manufacturing and retail business based in a little town in the north island of New Zealand. Battledrop Industries Limited was established in early Jan 2017 as an online eliquid supply store before opening 'The Vaping Barista' coffee and vape lounge. Our purpose is to contribute to the vaping community and help destroy one of most feared and hated diseases caused by tobacco consumption along with other illnesses derived from smoking traditional cigarettes. Our team are all ex-smokers and survivors or witnesses of related illnesses so we know all to well about the darkness that it can bring for everyone involved. We focus on the possibilities of being able to change this for the future because vaping saves lives.  


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Battledrop Industries Limited since 2017

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